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The Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity is a non-profit research and public policy organization with the mission to make significant contributions to the understanding of our toxic food environment, the complex forces affecting how we eat, societal stigma against individuals with obesity, and how we can address these problems to optimize public health.

Perspectives From Patients

“I think the worst was my family doctor who made a habit of shrugging off my health concerns …The last time I went to him with a problem, he said, ‘You just need to learn to push yourself away from the table’. It later turned out that not only was I going through menopause, but my thyroid was barely working.”
“Once when I was going to have surgery, I had to be taken to the basement of the hospital to be weighed on the freight scales. I’ve never forgotten the humiliation.”
“I became very frustrated when a doctor disregarded what I was telling him because he had already made up his mind that obesity was at the root of all my problems.”